Stretch Marquees

Stretch tents are the new and affordable alternative to hiring a traditional marquee. Originating from South Africa our Freeform stretch tents are made from an extremely strong, totally waterproof and amazingly stretchy material.

These freestyle structures are architecturally stunning and flexible enough to fit any area, to any size, cover uneven ground, become part of a building and can be configured in multiple ways.

Freedom to choose the exact location, size, form and even the colour means that the space designed for your special event is only limited by your imagination. So, you can think outside the box and still stay within your budget.


Furniture, Decor & Catering

We specialise in ensuring that each of our clients have the right offering to meet their needs.

From an existing brand within our portfolio to a bespoke offering, we have the flexibility to deliver it.

We supply a wide variety of furniture and decor pieces that can accomodate an event or function of any size and budget. Our catering service menu offers a wide selection of dishes depending on the customer's taste and requirements.

We are dedicated to ensuring customers' expectations are exceeded by offering the best quality products in relaxed venues at value for money prices, ensuring people come back time and time again.

Sound Hire

With that unmatched experience and knowledge we believe we are able to provide you with the right advice on the best equipment to use for your particular event.

We carry and hire a comprehensive range of all types of sound, lighting, staging, and audio visual equipment from premium quality for those demanding the best, to budget priced items for those that simply want something to meet their needs. Examples of the sort of thing we carry include;

DJ equipment including: Mixers | CD players | Turntables | Effects Units | Monitors

PA equipment for: Presentations | Nightclubs | DJ's | Bands | Spruikers | Celebrants | Outdoor Events

Lighting equipment for: Stage | Bands | Nightclubs | DJ's | Themeing | Lasers

Audio Visual equipment for: Image Projection | Conferences | Presentations | Product Launches | Corporate Events


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